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Initial install of Password Server - Database accounts

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We are very interested in Password Server and have downloaded the trail today. I am trying to follow the directions found at

I thought we needed to create 3 domain accounts VaultOwner, VaultScheduler, and VaultRunner for use in this section. Domain\VaultOwner has sysadmin rights to sql server but it can't connect to the server when I hit the "Test Server" button?

If I try to use the sa account it the test works.. So are those accounts supposed to in face just be SQL server accounts and not Domain accounts granted rights in SQL?



Clock5 mths

Hello Jake,

If you are creating a domain account the VaultOwner (from the domain) needs to get proper access to the SQL server. Of course, you could also create a VaultOwner directly in SQL, that depends where would you like to manage the accounts. Directly from SQL or through AD.

That said, the helps topic Pre-deployment account for Devolutions Password Server could probably be useful for a deep explanation.

Best regards,

David Grandolfo


Clock5 mths