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Disable Message There is a new version Wayknow available.

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We have some PCs we have frozen with Deepfreeze. Now every time the PC starts we get a pop-up there is a new version Wayknow available.
Is it possible to disable this pop-up.

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There is a setting to control this, but it's not exposed in the UI. You can toggle it via the command-line interface. Assuming you are using Windows, you can run:

[path-to-wayk-now.exe] config VersionCheck false

If you installed Wayk Now using the .msi, the command line interface is aliased to wayk-now. You can also add the '--global' switch to set that for all users on the system (this will require elevated privileges). So, for example:

wayk-now config --global VersionCheck false

I would encourage you to also take a look at this thread, which discusses the same issue and also has some details about how to accomplish this more easily with PowerShell.

Please let us know if you have further questions or feedback

Richard Markievicz


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