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web Login Issue with devolutions password server

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i installed the password server and activeded integrated windows authentication.

When I want to logon in the web frontend, nothings happens once I push "login into your account" button. If I enter a invalid username / PW the error message is shown.

In the console not one single log is shown....

any ideas?


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Hello Rolf,

did you adapt the required IIS Application pool settings?


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yes I followed this article (configure the service user and setting the rights in DB).
The wired thing is, that after login (no error ist shown) the login mast re-appears again.
In case of a wrong user / pw an error is shown.

are there any logs I can search for this issue?


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As Min stated, following this article is the first step.
It seems that the Runner Account doesn't have rights on the database (otherwise, logs would be filled)
The article Min sent also point towards this one :

As you will notice at the very bottom, you will be asked to write to the support ( to get the script that will grant the minimal sufficient permissions on the database.

If you wish to get it to work prior to apply those permissions, you can try to grant db_owner membership to the Runner account, this will proof your installation, but we strongly recommend that you take it out of db_owner when you apply the minimal permissions on the account.

We don't distribute the script because from a version to another, some permissions may change therefore we'd rather not have outdated versions of the script...

I hope this helps!

Best regards,

Alex Belisle


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