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Error on Import Powershell Module on Azure

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I start using RDM 2019.1.41 with Azure SQL Datasoure. For automatization i want to use Powershell, running on Azure as Runbook.

But I'm failing at the first step, to import the powershell module

Import-Module "${env:ProgramFiles(x86)}\Devolutions\Remote Desktop Manager\RemoteDesktopManager.PowerShellModule.psd1

to Azure (see screenshots). Do I have to do any preparations before ?

Clock4 mths

When I look into the modul definition, it seam i must bring the fitting dll anyway to azure as modul

Clock4 mths


As the RDM PowerShell module doesn't exist as a stand alone module and that it depends on the whole RDM DLLs librairy, I'm quite sure that it will not be possible to run the RDM PowerShell module within such Azure automation runbook environment as RDM needs to be installed on a machine or a VM.

We are very sorry about that.

Best regards,

Érica Poirier


Clock4 mths

Thank you, I will try the way over a virtual machine on Azure then.

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