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Scrolling in embedded Wayk Now session

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I am unable to scroll using Wayk Now as sub-entry of an RDP object in RDM. Is this by design?

Clock2 mths

Hello Martin

Can you confirm that by scrolling - you mean, scrolling using your mouse wheel or trackpad?

I did some testing around this; the Wayk Now client seems to handle this correctly (that is - scrolling with your mousewheel or trackpad scrolls the active window on the remote machine, even if your Wayk Now session window is zoomed and has scrollbars itself).

However, in RDM, it seems that scrolling does nothing unless your display is zoomed - in which case, the session scrollbars are moved instead of the window on the remote machine.

It seems the behaviour is irrespective of if the Wayk Now entry is a sub-entry, or a top-level entry.

Does that match the issue that you are seeing?

It seems to be an issue with how RDM processes mouse wheel events and forwards them (or not) to the embedded session. I've raised that internally with the RDM team and will post back here once I have some news on that.

Thanks and kind regards,

Richard Markievicz


Clock2 mths

When inside a Wayk Now session, and I attempt to do any scrolling, such as within File Explorer or a web browser.

What you described is exactly what I am seeing. Thanks Richard!

Clock2 mths