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Remote into a Logged off machine

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Hello we have a number of machines that we cannot WaykNow into when they are logged off. Is there a way to be able to remote into them. From my understanding the program does not start until Windows is Logged into. I would think this would be a key feature. Am I missing something? Also I have the Enterprise edition.

Clock2 mths


You should be able to connect using unattended access to the machine even when the user is logged off. You can find more information about how unattended access works here:

Make sure that your Wayk Now Enterprise license is configured in your Wayk Now client, and that you are using Secure Remote Delegation (SRD) for authentication. Other authentication types (PFP, SRP) will not work when no user is currently logged in, as they are both tied to the user session.

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Clock2 mths