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There is any way for fast update?

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I've "few" computers with unattended access... I don't even know all ID cus install it at my customers just for sure.. or when they will need my assistance.
There is any idea how to update them all?

Most user don't have admin privileges, so they can't click&update...

I see much better performance when I use 3.3.2 version (p2p connection), but I would like to update now and in the future into the newest releases.


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We have a feature in our roadmap to allow remotely triggered updates of unattended machines. I can't say when it will be available; but it is a priority for us and I've added your input to the feature request.

I see much better performance when I use 3.3.2 version

Great news! I'm happy to hear the improvements are working well for you

Thanks and kind regards,

Richard Markievicz


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While we don't have a feature to either remotely trigger an update, or let the software update automatically when a new version comes out, we have recently published a PowerShell cmdlet that can do the installation and update from command-line:

With the cmdlet, all that would be required is a way to automatically run the "Install-WaykNow" command once every few days to check for an update, and automatically install the update if a new version is available. We haven't tried it yet, but one way would be to add a new task to the Windows task scheduler:

The feature on the roadmap would be to streamline this process and make it less of a manual operation. In the meantime, using the PowerShell cmdlet + a scheduled task could potentially do the job.

Best regards,

Marc-André Moreau


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