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can you turn in on "wayk-now config --global logginglevel 1" as default when we install unattended access for next releases?
Its not generate many logs, but can help a lot with troubleshooting.
I've problems at many customers, but not everywhere I've turn it on, so I don't have how open cases at forum. I'll help a lot.

My problems are:
- changed ID (sometimes it's change and computer have new one)
- can't open wayknow client again from try (I saw post at forum)
- can't connect - unknown ID response from waykden servers


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This is a good suggestion. I'll open a ticket to make this change, it should help debugging issues with the service. The unattended service logs don't grow quickly anyway, so we might turn them on by default.

Best regards,

Marc-André Moreau


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Hi KriS

This is implemented for the next version. I'll post back here once it's available. Thanks again for the feedback!

Kind regards,

Richard Markievicz


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