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Connecting via RD Gateway - Works using External, but fails with Embedded

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I am trying to use an RD Gateway when connecting to RDP Sessions.
When i try to run the sessions in embedded, they fail with this error (yes I know this is a server issue, not RDM, but keep reading!):

But when I simply change the session to external it works fine and I am able to connect to the session via the RD Gateway

Note the following:
1. I CAN connect using the RD gateway when just using mstsc
2. I CAN connect using the RD Gateway with RDCMan
3. I have tried all the different 'RDP Version' options in RDM but it's the same on all of them

I am connecting from a Windows 10 client via Server 2008R2 RD Gateway, which is a setup that is known to have issues. So I replaced my Windows 10 client mstsc files with copies from a Windows 7 machine, and that is what allowed mstsc and RDCMan to work (don't point the finger at my actions and say this is the cause of the issue, because it's not :P)

I REALLLLY want to use RDM, but having embedded work is a MUST! Please help

Clock2 mths


Which version of RDM free are you trying with?
Also is the RD Gateway is configured in the RDP session or two entries are used (one RDP and one RD Gateway)?

Best regards,

David Grandolfo


Clock2 mths