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Sophos SSL VPN and OTP

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As security is advancing everyday our company needs to keep up with new technologies and techniques.

This is why I am asking for a new feature to be added to RDM (great product by the way) : Sophos SSL VPN and OTP (not specially Sophos SSL VPN only).

Basically what I am trying to do (had a support ticket open but did not find a solution as it is not possible currently) is to have a custom credential that is composed this way:

  • Username = Username
  • Password = Password + OTP

The username and password are stored in a password list item and the OTP is in an OTP item.

I have illustrated what I'm trying to say below:


As this combination is used more and more for VPN connections it would be a nice feature to have to easily connect to VPN's.

Thank you in advance.

Clock3 mths

This is very specific. I will add this to our todo list and check what could be done. This will not be on the short term list for now.


David Hervieux


Clock3 mths


Indeed but i feel like it is going to be used more and more in the future.

If it may be easier, a new type of credential can be used instead of the password list.


Clock3 mths

This might be helpful for you

Clock11 days

Thank you for the information but this is more related to a usage of two technologies within RDM.

Clock10 days

Oh sorry I thought it was related

Clock9 days