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Log off does not always work

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I have a section with 6 servers in it that I sometimes connect to all at once. When I am finished, I want to log off of all 6 servers, so I select all 6 in the tree, right-click, "Log off", and this attempts to send WinKey+R, "logoff", Enter to each window in turn. But, I have observed several times now this sequence occasionally gets cut off, and I end up with some sessions still showing the "Run" dialog with the text "logof" typed (missing one 'f', and also Enter was not sent).

Clock5 mths

I will try to tweak the delay for that. You have to know that RDP does not have a method to send the logoff (I have requested that often to Microsoft) and we use the SendKey as a workaround. You can switch to the Terminal API (WMI) method if it works for your environment.


David Hervieux


Clock5 mths