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RDP desktop dimensions incorrect if menu is open while session establishes

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I just selected half a dozen connections and told RDM to connect to them all. As it was working its way down the list, I had an unrelated thought and opened the application menu by clicking "File" in the top-left. When I returned to the main view, I discovered that sessions that connected while the menu was visible, covering the main view, did not fill the view space. They opened as much smaller desktops which I have determined to have a desktop area of 752x493 pixels. I did not see any way to resolve this other than logging out and back into the server.

Clock5 mths

Hello Jonathan,

which setting is for Screen sizing mode in the display section from your RDP session configured?

With the setting Smart reconnect the resolutions should be automatically changed when the window size are resized.


Clock5 mths

In the connection properties, it was set to Default. I found the default in the global properties and it was set to None. I changed it to Smart reconnect, but the bug as reported here still reproduces in exactly the same way.

Clock5 mths