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Close pane by clicking outside of pane

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I don't think this is really a bug, also not a feature request, but also not support...
So I let the dice decide which subforum should get this post.

With Nav pan auto-collapsed, when the Pane is expanded it will not collapse back if you click outside of the Pane.
Double clicking a session will collapse (this is an option)
But if you open the pane, and then maybe right click a credential, open the properties for a session etc, the pane does not collapse when you click outside of it.
The only way to close the Pane again is to click outside of the RDM window (ie Windows taskbar)

It would be so very pleasing if the Pane would collapse also if we click somewhere in the RDM window or even in the Session Window.

Or maybe it would help if the Pane would auto-collapse if the Mouse is not hovering above
And in addition the Pane could pop-up when hovering the mouse over the Tab
So also kind of a feature request...

Also the top bar does not collapse back up, when you pull it down, and then click somewhere in your session.
In this case it does collapse when we click on another RDM window element though.
But as you might understand, collapsing to the left, collapsing above; gives us a great big session window , so not a lot of RDM window real estate we can click on to collapapse.


Clock5 mths

I just did some test. This issue is related to the third party that we use. It needs a lost focus event to close the pane. I've just done a test and it closes the pane if you click on the ribbon. It does not close if you click on the tab header. I will check if we can find a workaround for that.


David Hervieux


Clock5 mths

Thanks David!

Of course this is just a low-prio, cosmetical pet peeve

I'm stay anxiously awaiting tight OpenVPN integration

Cosmetical pet peeves should come last wink

Clock5 mths