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Seperate "tab" for credentials?

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Long time users of both Password Vault manager and Remote Desktop manager.
However since Password Vault has been retired we have moved all our credentials into RDM.

Is there any way to logically separate credentials from actual host entries, instead of having them in the same treeview?

A simple way would be to have another "tab" in the bottom with credentials, just like the "private vault" tab.

Is there any way to do this in RDM or similar settings to mimic this behaviour?

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Options > User Interface > Treeview
Merge Credential List with Session (local source only)

Turn off to seperate them

If using central DB ;
Tools > System Settings > Applications > Type settings
Merge Credential list with sessions

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We actually tried this earlier rolflobker, but it only seems to move the credentials list up to the root of the treeview?
Would like to have them more seperated.

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Which type of datasource are you using?

I don't think there is an alternative.
You could put the credentials in a seperate vault ir datasource but then you would not be able to reference them.

Out of curiosity; how would your suggestion be all that different from putting credentials in 1 folder?

We have a folder in each structure called 'accounts' where we store credentials.
We also like to keep credentials seperated and this works just fine for us.

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Using MS SQL.

My suggestion is just that you would have seperate treeviews for credentials and for hosts.
Makes it alot easier to find a specific host/credential and also when searching you would only search in one given type at the time.

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Could you go in View and press the Credential List button.
Is this what you we're looking for?

Best regards,

Jeff Dagenais


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Hi Jean-Francois,

No this is not what im looking for.
With PVM and RDM we had credentials and hosts seperated and were quite happy with it.
But since PVM is EOL we had to move credentials to RDM and were hoping we could have two seperate treeviews for credentials and hosts.
Just like you have Vault, private vault, favorites etc on "tabs/icons" in the bottom.

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Thank you for the details. I will add this to our backlog and verify what can be done.


David Hervieux


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