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multiple screen images

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I just downloaded WaykNow and sent an invitation to someone.

They accepted the invitation and when their screen came up it looked like i was standing in between 2 mirrors. Multiple desktop images fading and getting smaller inside each other. I couldn't get my cursor into that conglomeration of images and had no control over his cursor in any way.


Clock26 days

my account is under email It looks like i've been logged out before sending this bug report

Clock26 days


What you describe looks like a remote desktop connection from yourself, to yourself, resulting in this infinite series of desktop images within each other, as if standing between two mirrors. This also results in an inability to move the mouse correctly, because local mouse movements are sent to the "remote" computer, which is the local computer in this case.

What I don't understand is how this happened. The invitation is created by the person who wants to share the screen, and sent to the person who will connect to it. Can you walk me through the steps you went through to create the invitation and make the connection, leading to the problem described?

Best regards,

Marc-André Moreau


Clock26 days