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COMPUTER_IP variable no longer working down multiple folder levels

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Previously I could have a folder and a sub-folder, at the top folder level I would specify a partial IP in this format, then on both the sub-folder and MS RDP entry in the sub-folder I would use $COMPUTER_IP$, and it would retrieve the IP. Now that only works for one folder level, not 2 folder levels.

E.g. what previously worked:

Top level (device or server) folder:

(Host) IP:

Sub-folder (server):


Sub-folder MS RDP entry:

Host: $COMPUTER_IP$.23

This may have started happening at the last update to the program, now when I try to connect to a server with the MS RDP entry I get this error:

" Invalid Host Name: $COMPUTER_IP$.23 "

Thanks in advance, Mark

Clock28 days


Would it be possible for you to provide me screenshots of your current folder structure and of the configuration of your entries?
These can be sent to me via private message. This information will allow me to test this issue in our environment.

Also, which version of RDM and what type of Data Source are you currently using?

Best regards,

James Lafleur


Clock27 days