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Reload data from local cache

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I have a MariaDB datasource that has gone offline due to a datacenter move. It will not be available for another week.

I set my caching mode for that datasource to "Intelligent" and see the cache entries in %localappdata%\Devolutions\RemoteDesktopManager, but none of the entries appear in the navigation window for the datasource. I was able to use it in offline mode for a while, but it is no longer working as of today.

Is there a way to export/reload/recover the entries from the offline cache file?

Clock30 days

The offline has a default expiration of 7 days. Once your offline is expired there is not much you can do.

How long ago did you last connect to your MariaDB?

Your best bet would have been to export to an .RDM file prior to the data center move. That being said, can you recover from a MariaDB backup, assuming it is not stored in the same datacenter? Maybe you have a colleague with a non-expired offline that could export the sessions.

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Stefane Lavergne


Clock30 days