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How to use the "New Devolutions Password Server credential type"

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as seen in RDM V14.0 "New Features and Enhancements", there is a "New Devolutions Password Server credential type"

While using RDM Enterprise 2019.1.41.0 64-bit and DPS 2019.1.20.0, I could not figure how to use this feature to use DPS credentials in RDM entries.

The DPS data source is available to browse and edit by itself. But not seen in the External entries list, neither in the credential selection for a RDM session or folder.

Help greatly appreciated on this matter.


Clock3 mths

Hello Patrice,
It has been removed in RDM 2019.1 because of a design problem in the implementation. This is now back in RDM 2019.2 Beta. It's a new credential entry type.


David Hervieux


Clock3 mths