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Edge Insider browser entry?

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Id like to have a browser entry in RDM for the new MS Edge insider browser, i realise its beta still but is there a plan in place to use the new chromium based Edge browser when its generally released? Also the ability to use the browser as an External Browser.

Id also really like to see Brave browser support in web browser entries, also the ability to use the Brave browser as an External Browser.

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I follow this case with high attention. I eager to remove IE from RDM. We have to keep it since it's the only official web browser embedded supported by Microsoft.

Here a link related to that:

It does not support .NET yet.

Developer preview is first available for Win32 C++ on Windows 10. In the future, we plan to have WebView2 on all the supported versions of Windows supporting C++, .NET and XAML.


David Hervieux


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OK, has the new Chromium Edge browser been tested at all? It must work as its basically chrome browse but called edge so its got to be fairly easy to integrate into RDM? Same goes for Brave browser thats Chromium too.

Even if to start with its only supported as an External browser that would be enough for me, I only ask because Chromium Edge and Brave are my goto browsers now, Brave i will use for non work related browsing (also for the BAT rewards now) and edge for work stuff.

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