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Would it be viable to have an embeded Launcher??

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Would it be possible to create an embedded Launcher in the web ui itself rather than a standalone app as it is now?? It would be ideal for times when you need to use DPH when your out and about and dont have access to an installed Launcher instance.

Be nice to have both options to choose from, i still wonder why Launcher was standalone and not embedded seeing as DPH is cloud based?


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This is just technically not possible without a relay installed in your network but this could be eventually possible with Wayk Now.


David Hervieux


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The way i thought of it was that the web app would be at the source end just as the launcher is then it connects from the source end of the clients browser, surely it would work as it works for Launcher doesn't it?

Was thinking of it being something similar to Vmwares web console app, a html5 version of launcher embedded on DPH and runs in the clients browser, that way its still at the same end as Launcher would run just in a browser rather than a standalone app?

I just took a look in the Launcher msi and its mainly c++ .so files isnt it for the native apps, i know that it is possible to run c++ programs within a html5 web app but dont ask me how as im not a programmer. But it looks possible from what i de-compiled from the Launcher msi.

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