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Hi Wayk Forum,

I have just installed Wayk Now on two test machines and have four issues.

1. At first the system would report TLS issues on both machines, this is no longer happening, but point 2 is happening instead.
2. It tells me the target hostname can not be resolved.
3. If I check the WayK Now Certificates there is nothing listed on both test machines.
4. When trying to open an invitation, I get the same as point no. 2 (Even though it successfully tries to open the Source ID)

Any suggestions please?


Clock3 mths

Hi John,

I'm sorry to hear about the connection issue. We will help you with that. First, I would need information on your setup :

1 - Could you tell me on which platform are you working on ? If it is Windows, did you install it with the msi or did you use the exec file ?
2 - Could you enable the logs on both machines, try a connection and send log files to us ? It would help us to investigate the issue.

To enable the log, you can open the options window and set the log to "Debug" level. You will have to restart the wayknow application. Then the log will be available in %appdata%\Wayk\Logs

If you are on Windows and you have installed Wayk Now with the msi file, you have to enable log on the service as well. From an elevated command prompt, run those commands :
> net stop wayknowservice
> wayk-now config --global LoggingLevel 1
> net start wayknowservice

The log will be available in %programdata%\Wayk\Logs. The filename will be NowService.exe

So if you could enable logs, try a connection and send us the logs and what you see. It would be very helpful for us.

Thank you

François Dubois


Clock3 mths

Hi Francois

I have some strange results for you.

First to answer your questions, Windows 10 (Latest version of the OS) and installed via the 64bit msi file.

So I have enabled Debug logging on both machines and have restarted the Wayk app from both machines.

The first machine (See image has just Allow Remote Control) Very odd, before making the change I had this and Take Remote Control.

The second machine has both options, but still gives me the TLS message.

Attached also is the Log file from MAchine 1 which has nothing it Zero bytes, as is from MAchine 2.

First Machine.JPG
Clock3 mths

Hi John,

We plan on releasing Wayk Now 3.3.2 today with a few bug fixes that affected other customers ( Hopefully this should resolve the issue.

Best regards,

Marc-André Moreau


Clock3 mths