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Multiple connections to a session

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Hi all,

I wasn't sure if this is a feature request, or support. Depending on whether it's available right now.
I know there are a couple of ways of connecting to a remote session multiple times concurrently, however the two methods I know of aren't ideal.

1. Create a new/duplicate session (if we need to do this to many machine, it will create a mess)
2. Open another RDM instance

Is it possible to open an existing session (that is already open), using the same session name in the navigation panel?

An example of why I want this is where I need to connect to a session using different credentials (using Select Credentials menu item), mainly for testing purposes.
My admin account is generally what I use to connect to a server, but if I make a change or need to see how something affects another user, I want to logon to the same machine concurrently with different credentials.

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Hi Chadzero
This feature is already builtin, edit the RDP entry, on the 'Advanced' tab (the one on the bottom) you get a screen where you can set 'Allow open multiple connections' which is set to default (False). update this to True for this entry.
Or you can set it in the defaults. I think it is the one in File - Options - Advanced - Allow multiple instances.
Succes! Ben

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Thanks Ben05.

I set this in the application options but it didn't seem to make a difference. Once I changed it on the session itself, it worked.

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Hello chadzero,

setting to allow multiple connection to a session (application wide):
File => Options => General => Allow multiple connections (Default)

setting to allow multiple RDM instances:
File => Options => Advanced => Allow multiple instances

to apply the application setting the application need to be restarted wink


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