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One ID per RDP session on Windows Server with Remote Desktop Roles

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Like in TeamViewer (I want to leave TeamViewer), I need to have a unique ID by RDP User and one for the local machine.

This way you can connect directly on the screen of the good user or on the host directly.

Thanks for reading.

Clock6 mths


Unfortunately, Wayk Now does not yet support multiple user sessions like on Windows Server at the same time. It works on Windows Server, but it will connect to the last session where the Wayk Now program was opened.

We do plan on supporting multiple user sessions in Windows Server, but it will come later this year. The way it will be implemented will not necessarily mean that a different 6-digit ID will be used, but we will have a way of selecting the desired session after successful authentication.

Best regards,

Marc-André Moreau


Clock6 mths

Actually, now that you're bringing it up, we do have a separate ID for each user, it's not shown in the UI. When the unattended mode is configured, the 6-digit ID you see is actually the one from the system service running the Wayk Now server. The Wayk Now program has its own separate, client-only connection to the Wayk Den with its own 6-digit ID that is not shown.

However, presenting those two IDs in the UI can pose some serious design issues, and we don't want to make it confusing for users. How exactly did TeamViewer do it when configured for Remote Desktop Services as opposed to the regular configuration? Do they show both IDs? I've never configured it, if you have some links or screenshots for reference it could help.

Marc-André Moreau


Clock6 mths

On TeamViewer, we have to click on a smal blue bulb light next to the ID and a popup wil give you the ID of the Host and the one of the User.
You have to do it on each user.

The solution of asking on wich user you want to connect it's much better than this one.

The fact is that TeamViewer is changing ID of some host without reason and with no possibility to roll back.
If we can choose, It's a good deal!

Thanks for investigating.

Clock6 mths