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Trying to get started with WebDAV server and it fails

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I installed RDM Free to try out with WebDAV to look at. I have webdav working on an IIS7 server, and RDM is able to create the xml file on the server. If i specify a master key in the datasource configuration. I get an error that "saved data source master key is invalid, please verify your settings" The file did not exist before connecting. When i connected the file is created and there is plain text in it. Once i add a session it gives me that error on save, and when i look at the file it is encrypted.

If i delete the file and remove the master key from the data store config, it creates a plain text file, and when i go to add a session, it prompts me for the master key.

Is there some different way i should be going about starting this up? I had succusfully used a local file and moved that file up to the webdav server and it would not let me use the known working master key

This happens on both Mac 2019.1.7.0 and Windows 2019.1.41.0

Any ideas on where to look to try and get things running?


Clock3 mths


Could you go in File -> Data Sources, edit your WebDav data source, remove the masterkey and check the Always ask masterkey option.
Then, try to connect again. If it's not working, go in Help -> Application Logs and let us know if there's something relevant in that area.

Best regards,

Jeff Dagenais


Clock3 mths