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Additional "2FA enabled" column + make "Last login" more accessible + possible to add 2FA to roles

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Hi, had a couple of suggestions that Erica suggested i posted to the forums.

On the Administration -> Users page
- Please add a "2FA enabled" column the same way "Reset 2FA requested" is shown (and make it sortable).

- It would also be helpful if it was possible to export this userlist to csv where the "Last Login" attribute is included, or if it was include as a property on the Get-RDMUser command. As is today, there is no easy means of retrieving Last login.

Also, it would make things easier if it was possible to assign 2FA to roles, instead of having to assign it on individual users, and as an added bonus, it is not forgotten when a new user is assigned that specific role (eg. an admin type role).


Clock3 mths


Sorry about the delay,

I will ask the team to implement the new column and the sort.

As for the export, I would be nice indeed if, much like RDM, we would have that capability for every grid. I would think it would be a longer term item.

For the 2FA to roles, I will get back to you.

Best regards,

Maurice Côté


Clock3 mths