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Devolutions Wayk Den - Incident - 2019-08-19 10:45 UTC

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An infrastructure issue prevented users to establish Wayk Now remote connections using the Devolutions Wayk Den service.

Start time: 2019/08/18 10:45 UTC
End time: 2019/08/18 11:45 UTC
Duration: 1 hour

Sequence of events

10:45 UTC – Monitoring systems alerted Devolutions staff of a failure of the Wayk Den service.
11:00 UTC – Engineering found that the issue was related to database unavailability.
11:37 UTC – Engineering was able to restore the database on a different node. The service seems to be working again.
11:44 UTC – Engineering declared the service stable. All components are running and serving clients as expected.
11:45 UTC – End of outage

Investigation is still ongoing to understand why the failed database instance was not be automatically rescheduled on an different node as part of the auto-healing process.

Maurice Côté


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