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trying to setup a ssh tunnel on my ios device.

the tunnel quickly disconnects with this error:

Received userauth key ok Sending userauth public key signature Received userauth success User authenticated successfuly by public key Unable to listen for tunnel, error -17 Unable to resolve address for tunnel: error -17 No channel to open, disconnecting Disconnection in progress Disconnecting

any ideas - note these same settings work on desktop

Clock7 mths

Hello Adrian04

I can see that the local address of your tunnel settings are, I have tested on our ssh tunnel and it doesn't seem to work with this address IP.
However, with the connection works.

Is there a reason why you are using over ?

If you can confirm that you absolutely need to use, we will investigate this issue further.

Best Regards,

Johann Dufaud


Clock7 mths

yes i have changed to .1 and it works


(thou in reality anything with a 127.x.x.x should work)

Clock7 mths