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Remote access to certain MS applications

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I have been using Wayk Now for about a year for occasional connections to client systems that don't have RDP or VPN support. I have had a couple of issues with it for which I think I understand the cause (or at least a causal effect). I had thought that Wayk Now would lock up and I would have to reconnect. After working with it this morning, I realized that when I remotely opened certain MS Windows applications, I lose all control of the cursor. These applications include the Command Prompt, PowerShell prompt, Hyper-V Manager and Services.msc. There may be others that I have just not tried. If these are the foreground window, the remote cursor is not responsive. If I have a remote user close the open application or select a different application, the cursor starts to respond again.
For reference, the version of Wayk Now being used is the current release. Prior to that I had installed 3.0.0 B7.
Any thoughts?

Clock6 mths

Hello Edward

It sounds like those applications are running under a higher privilege level than the Wayk Now client. For example, if you are using the standalone Wayk Now executable, it will be launched as the current logged in user, and not be able to interact with programs that are running under elevated (administrator) privileges.

There are a few things that can be done to workaround this:

First, you could install Wayk Now on the remote computer using the .msi instead of the standalone executable. This installs a Windows Service, which runs as system, and is able to interact with high-privilege processes and capture secure desktops.

If using the installer is not a good option for you, and you prefer using the standalone executable, you can ensure that Wayk Now is launched with elevated privileges. The user starting the program can right-click > "Run As Administrator", and accept the UAC prompt as the application starts. This is also available as an application setting - if you enable it under Options > General > Prompt to elevate program permissions, the application will automatically try to run elevated on startup (the user will still have to accept the UAC prompt). Note that this should solve your immediate issue, but the client launched in that way is not able to capture secure desktops (the login screen, for example) - you need the service installed for that to work.

We are working on some ideas for remotely elevating the Wayk Now client with a session already connected. This will be the neatest solution, but I'm afraid I don't have a timeline for when that feature will be available.

Let me know if that helps, and if it answers your question!

Thanks and kind regards,

Richard Markievicz


Clock6 mths