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Password analyzer - sort by Password Strength

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Maybe not so much a bug, as a change of function.
In the Password Analyzer, sorting by Password Strength will sort it alphabetically, but that does not make much sense, as it would be better to sort from Weak to Perfect.

Edit: Just noticed the same behavior around the other columns. Sort by "Since" will sort it by "1 month -> 3 days -> 4 months -> 5 years -> 7 days".

Clock6 mths

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We've opened a detect for our engineering department and we'll keep you updated of its progress.


Jafran Majeau


Clock6 mths


Both the "Password Strength" column and the "Since" column will now sort in a more intuitive way. Will be fixed in the 2019.2.8.0 beta version.

Thank you for your input !


Jonathan Del Signore

Clock5 mths

Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for the update and the good news :-)

Clock5 mths