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Paste username/password as keystrokes (when copy/paste is not available)

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I have been searching for a feature in RDM where you can send username and password to a remote host, by sending keystrokes instead of "paste". I have one host at a customer, where I can't copy/paste text. So having RDM send the keystrokes to the host would solve the problem. Is this a thing in RDM? I haven't been able to find out how to do it.

Clock6 mths


I believe the "Type Clipboard" option is what you would be looking for :


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Etienne Lord


Clock6 mths

Of cause it is a thing in RDM smile

Thank you very much for pointing it out 👍

Clock6 mths

Can't you somehow combine it with a event like After connect event ? so you can retrieve creds from a credential entry and have the event type it

Clock6 mths

Hi Ben,

Depending on what type of session you are using (i presume), that is actually an option. Look at the settings for an RDP session. Haven't tried it yet:

Clock6 mths