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How does the "HP Integrated Lights Out (iLO Web)" session type work?

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What is the difference between the "HP Integrated Lights Out (iLO Web)"session type and the "web browser" session type? If I create a web browser session type and configure it with the URL of the iLO card it looks and acts the same as if I've created it with the ilo session type. What's the advantage of using the HP iLO session type? Does it do anything aside from simply displaying the iLO web interface?

Also, when launching an iLO session type it doesn't automat6ically login even though credentials are configured for the session.


Clock6 mths


HP iLO is a web browser entry but preconfigured, sometimes it doesn't work if the iLO version isn't selected. Please try to select the version number related to your iLO in the Version dropdown.

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Clock6 mths