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More of an idea than a feature request, but it could help many....

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I don't have a lot of details on the idea, but it occurred to me that the Devolutions Server is something of a CMDB in many organizations. Regardless of if they actually implement a separate central management database or not, the admins need to have password access to the machines, so it becomes a defacto CMDB regardless.

So taking advantage of that fact, my thought is that you create some form of a CMDB linkage mechanism between Devolutions Server and most popular CMDB systems out there now (I am thinking HP, BMC, Cherwell, etc.). Keeping the two databases in synch, while keeping the passwords separate and secure makes a lot of sense from a lifecycle management standpoint and provides another unique feature of Devolutions Server.
Further, for those like my current company, that are trying to implement a CMDB, having an exporter that can build it from the current data would be a BIG boon, and for those with a CMDB already that are looking to add Privleged Password Management capabilities, having an importer from these CMDB's would provide a huge jumpstart (especially if you could set some sort of default import settings to minimize the number of change required after import).

Running this regularly, similar to the AWS Synchronizer, could also lead to keeping everything up to date during lifecycle management activities - you only need to actively retire the machine in one place, instead of 2, for example. And if there is a mismatch, keeping them in synch can alert administrators to finding out what the cause of such a mismatch is.

I don't know how much this helps, but I thought I would throw that idea out for your consideration anyway.


Tom Higgins

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indeed it’s a common request, but which one? we are most often asked about ServiceNow, but I’m not sure it’s truly the most used in our community.

Right now we are focusing on meeting PAM requirements, but could look into this for next year

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Maurice Côté


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ServiceNow is definitely one I would consider - it seems to be the most popular one now, and is much cheaper than many of the old mainstays. That seems to be a good starting point to me. I just thought I would make the suggestion since I didn't see any synchronizers or similar plug-in/extension/feature that did that job. Thanks for the consideration.

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