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Unhandled exception when canceling credential prompt

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Hi there,

I have one folder with 3 username/passwords and a Website, where the website's credentials have been set to Prompt on connection from this folder.
Starting the website-session, makes RDM prompt for credentials. Clicking cancel will show "Unhandled exception...".
Repeating this, but choosing a credential seems to work just fine.

Let me know if you can't reproduce and I'll give you some more information.


Clock5 mths


I have unfortunately not been able to replicate the issue yet. I might need some additional information in order to successfully replicate.

  • What version of RDM do you use?
  • What type of data source do you use?

Also, if you could send us a video recording of the issue, it might help me see what I'm doing wrong when attempting to replicate. To send us the video, please follow the information provided in the help topic below :

Best regards,

Gabriel Degrandpré


Clock5 mths

Hi Gabriel,

So, this morning, RDM does not crash, when trying to replicate the error. But here are the info requested:

  • RDM 2019.1.39.0 64-bit on Windows 10 1903 (Insider, slow ring).
  • Data source is an Azure SQL database with MFA.
Of cause I did not copy the error log/stack trace yesterday, so I can't even show you that 🤷‍♂️

Can't find any events in Windows Event log.

Maybe I had RDM running for too long? Also in the process of migrating data from another password manager into RDM, so I had made a lot of entries over the last week. This morning I restarted RDM (didn't try to replicate the error before restarting RDM), so maybe that fixed it.

Anyway, not much for you to go on now.

Clock5 mths