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How to use Credentials?

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Ive imported my Data into DPH but the RDP Sessions dont have the facility to use credential entries like in RDM? All i can see is a manual field for Username & Password?? How do you use credential entries on DPH??


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It's not possible for now for RDM to use the credentials in Password Hub to authenticate on remote sessions.
However, this feature is on our ToDo list, I mean, we will eventually have a Password hub credential entry available in RDM.

Best regards,

Jeff Dagenais

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Sorry i wanted to find out if we can use something similar to the credential repositories / credentials / credential lists like you can in RDM where sessions can use those entries. But when i imported my data to DPH the sessions entries credentials were empty and there doesn't appear to be a way to set credentials from those credential entries on DPH?

Whats the best practice for credentials on sessions on DPH?? surely it cant be typing logins in manually?? ive got hundreds of session entries so it would take ages. Am i missing something or is this how DPH works at the moment??

Is there a feature on your todo list to allow you to set credential entries in the session entries like u can in RDM?

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Hi John,

The importer should resolve credentials (username, domain, password) prior to importation in the Password Hub. We will try to reproduce your issue.

Currently credentials are meant to be used when no other entry type fits. For example, when you just want to save a username, domain and/or password.

As I said in your other topic, we will add the ability to link credential entries into sessions to our backlog.

Have a good day!

Maxime Morin


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OK thanks, Yeah the Import tool imported all my sessions but it imported the sessions without any credentials. If the Import tool can add the linked credentials from the sessions it imports into the sessions it imports onto DPH this would do what i wanted it to do in the first place.

The credential entries the import tool imported to DPH are they usable with anything?? Or are they just for reference only?? As it stands i may as well delete those credentials i imported onto DPH.

If there is a new build of the import tool pls let me know so i can try it....


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