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API-Integration and Synchronization with CRM-System (CAS genesisWorld)

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Hi all

First of all: I am using your Product RDM (Enterprise) since several years now, and i don't want to lose it's power and convenience for us technicians. So now i managed my company to try and evaluate it for our technicians (Inhouse/Outhouse).

We have above mentioned CRM system in our company and one of the requirements for getting RDM in our company is that there should be a possibility to synchronize system entries between this CRM system (MSSQL-based) and RDM (MSSQL-based) over an API.

I just want to know if you already have some APIs for such ideas or if it would be a big effort to develop it.

Right now i don't know the exact way how to do this, and what fields of the entries should be imprted/synchronized, but i will let you know as soon as possible.
IMHO it should at least be possible to synchronize some fileds like:

- name of the system
- IP address
- OS and Version
- notes/descriptions
- MAC address
- Contact
- Software information
- Hardware information
- and so on
- ...

So i think a lot of fields you already have e.g. on the information page of an entry, burt maybe some more information shouldbe necessary.

I also see, that you have some custom fields which can be renamed and used.

Since our CRM system is very flexible in the way what, and how to import/export i just wanted to know, if you already have an exiting API which could possibly be used and tested.
If so: Is there anywhere a description of that. Maybe with some usage of custom fields to be set, added, renamed and used...

Thanks in advance for some first information.

Holger Groenert

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I would need to confirm if all these fields are supported, but the mechanism for what you describe would be to use our Synchronizer family, especially the CSV in this case.

Since you use a direct-to-db connection, you would need to have an active RDM (in a logged on windows session) to run the synchronization. Those that need to sync on a schedule have a VM with a logged-on "service" account, but your security team may forbid it...

The alternative would be to write a custom powershell script that reads from your CRM, but would have a lot of scenarios to implement for updates/deletions.

Could you generate a CSV file on a schedule?
Could you have a running RDM somewhere in your infrastructure?

Best regards,

Maurice Côté


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Hey Maurice

Sorry for the delay, but here my answer and further questions on this.

i am not really sure, but i think we could do both:
- Create a CSV file on schedule
- have a running RDM in a logged on session

Because these ways are not preferred and maybe not able to implement, i have a bit of a problem here.

For explanation:
me and my technical colleagues are very convenient and happy with your products, but i have to convince the other departments and some team leaders of it , too.
Our CRM provider is a very flexible and handy one, and they could write a new interface or API to get a real synchronization with your tool(s).
They are also willing to do this, but they asked for someone from your site to get in touch with for getting more detailed information about the fields and possibilities for getting this stuff to work.

They are willing to do it, and asked for this connection to you.

Hopefully there is a possibility for that, because for us (IT) technicians your tools are at the moment the best solution and i hope there is this possibility, so i can convince the others...

Thanks in advance

Holger Grönert

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Hello Holger,

My colleague from the sales department also transferred to me the same request you asked by email. We will continue on the forum; our answer could help the community.

It looks like the RDM infrastructure you are using is RDM connected directly on a database (ex.: MSSQL). This infrastructure support interaction with Remote Desktop Manager only. Having a database as backend without middleware (server) restrain the possibility to use an API.

The usage of a synchronizer seems to be the best option. However, you could use PowerShell commands for any interaction with Remote Desktop Manager.

If the feature request is to connect to an existing API, we could look to do this base on the community interest. Using an API required a server which means Devolutions Password Server will be required.

Is the synchronizer a solution you could use, or looking to go further with Devolutions Password Server is an option?

Best regards,

David Grandolfo

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