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RDM Enterprise v2019.1.6.0 running on OS X 10.14.4. RDP works fine however I'm unable to make an SSH connection successfully.

I create a new entry, type "ssh shell" and enter the router IP address, everything else default. The connection fails with a pop-up "Disconnected. Error: FAIL. Code: -1".

I edit the entry, turn up 'advanced' -> verbose =4 and it reports the messages in the attached screen shot. "non-assigned port".

I did a search on google and couldn't find any reports of these error messages.

Also note that from the OS X terminal I can successfully "ssh user@ipaddress" without any problems on the same machine.

thanks for any help.


Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 9.18.44 pm.png
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You say that you've entered the IP address and left everything else default. Even the Username field? If so, I'd suggest filling it.

That "Non-assigned port!" kind of leave me dumbfounded. I can confirm this is an error message from the server though. Your server does expect connection to the port 22, right?

There might also be some kind of problem between the password authentication from our client and your server. You could try the "Interactive authentication in terminal" option set to True. The option can be found in your session settings under SSH Shell -> Advanced.

Best regards,

Xavier Fortin


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