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Register this computer for unattended accass

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Wayk Now 3.3.0 "Register this computer for unattended access" doesn't work for me. I tried two PC's (Windows 8 and 10), and one Macbook Pro (Mojave). When I click "Register" link I get following error message: "An unexpected error occured."

Downgraded to version 3.2.1
Registration works fine and I get info: "Registered for unattended acces | Deregister"

Upgraded back to 3.3.0
Wayk Web Dasboard shows registered machines and correct info's (3.3.0), but desktop client shows: "Register this computer for unattended access."

How to Register or Deregister computer to unattended access with Wayk Now 3.3.0?


Clock5 mths


We confirm there was a regression Wayk Now 3.3.0 with regards to the unattended registration. However, if you register with 3.2.1, the registration should remain valid in 3.3.0, even if the UI will show that it isn't registered. You should still be able to see your registered machine in the Wayk online dashboard (

We will fix this in the next release, which should happen within the next two weeks.

Best regards,

Marc-André Moreau


Clock5 mths