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Another new version of Password Hub

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Tomorrow July 24, Password Hub will be updated.
Lot's a new stuff to start our new product.


Software license entry type is now available.
An emergency reset kit is now generated upon first login.
Import from a .rdm or .pvm file, is now available via the Devolutions Password Hub Importer companion tool.
You can now move or copy an entry to another vault.
Search by tag is now supported.

The host entry has been moved to information category and renamed to computer.
Improved emails layout and text.
Added user statistics in the list of users; including your estimated monthly fee.
Removed all settings about "prompt password" in all connections entries.
Driver's license value is now sensitive.
Removed sensitive command line parameters.
Removed password management from document entries.

Renamed tools to companion tools.
Other minor bug fixes and improvements

France Lymburner


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