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Remote Utilities - Request to update add-on to support adding RU entries via RDM

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I am requesting update to the Remote Utilities add-on (current ver. 08.14.2013) in that RDM can actually create the Remote Utilities address book entry in their Viewer instead of the existing add-on's functionality of simply referencing a Remote Utilities address book entry already created within their viewer.

This would allow RDM to continue to solely maintain all connections and prevent the need to duplicate entries between RU and RDM.

The following URL is their command line syntax:

RU Viewer general command syntax is as follows: rutview.exe /name:connection_name /connection_mode /password:password optional_parameter1 optional_parameter2 optional_parameter3

Thank you

Clock3 mths

I don't think it's possible to add in the address book from the command line.

David Hervieux


Clock3 mths

Using the documentation from the URL I provided in the OP, the example syntax for the creation of a RU address book entry is as follows:

rutview.exe /create /name:"Client Server 1 (External)" /host:123-456-789-000

Clock3 mths

Thank you for the example. We will add this to our todo list.


Hubert Mireault


Clock3 mths

Hello 1011Tech,

We have added the "Create" option.


All changes will be effective in the next update (2019.1.42.0)


Clock3 mths