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Securecrt embeded option does not work anymore with v2019.1.38.0

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I just installed this morning the last patch of RDM and now all my securecrt sessions do not start embeded but external.
If I try to create a new session, the Display option dont show anymore "embeded" but only external.
If I click on ... in the session dialog, I get an empty list of securecrt session available !!

I upgraded version of securecrt to 8.5.4 but it does not help.

Any idea whats wrong ?


Clock7 mths

We're sorry for the inconvenience, the SecureCRT Session Embedded View is no longer possible in RDM. For this reason, this mode was removed completely from the application in RDM 2019.1.38. This decision was made by our developers because we are no longer able to support this display due to some limitations that can not be bypassed. Now only the "External" mode is available. Thank you for your understanding. Regards,

James Lafleur


Clock7 mths