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RDM and MDM (MobileIron)

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Is it possible to share a valid .plist or key value pairs for configuring RDM in order to distribute the app to our users? e.g. to populate the server and username?

According to another thread on the forum "RDM and MDM (Airwatch)", you shared a screenshot of a cfg file - which is not the same as the plist.

Also is it possible to connect to a Datasource if one does not use the default repository? Currently the default repo has to be active (in user access rights), in order to gain access to the datasource via the app.

Thanks in advance,

Clock8 mths


MDM support is in our todo list but it is not currently possible to configure the app with a .plist file or similar.

Normally it should be possible to connect to a data source even if the user doesn't have access to the default repo. You may be encountering a bug, however I am unable to reproduce it on my end.

What is the behaviour of the app when you try connect with the user? does it display "not connected" after you try to connect?

Also which data source type are you using, Devolutions Password Server or Microsoft SQL Server?

Thank you

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Benoît Racine


Clock8 mths