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Possible 2019.1.17.0 Issue ?

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I've done an install of DPS version, and upgraded afterwards to 2019.1.17.0. From reading the forum I see there might have been some issues with this version, and I experienced some myself when trying to install with 2019.1.17.0 from scratch.

Now however the application seems to work fine for the most part, but...

One issue I'm still having on the web administration interface is when I remove the availability of certain types, that is Contact types, Session types etc which are available by default after the system is installed, those types appear to disappear entirely.

I'm forced to look up type availability in the DPS Console on the frontend server I'm using if I want to check which are removed or put anything back.

Has anyone experienced something similar?

Clock7 mths


Do you mean that when you disable specific entry types, you cannot set them back in Administration - System Settings - Type availability?


Once we uncheck certain entry types,they aren't available anymore when creating new entry.


But if we want to enabled back those entries, we can do it again in Administration - System Settings - Type Availability. As I understand, you are unable to set back any type availability on the web UI, is that right?

On our end, we cannot reproduce the issue.

Could you please send us some screen shots of your issue?

Best regards,

Érica Poirier


Clock7 mths

I sure can but it seems like it might have fixed itself since I went home and came back to work today :|

Here's how it did look (by editing a screenshot)

After having removed the types which I didn't want available to begin with, hitting save, it would come back looking like this. The Contacts menu is a good example because I removed every option within it, so when trying to expand it the little triangle icon would change as if being expanded, but no contents would appear. In other menues like Document or Information where I had removed some contents, only those who were not removed would show up while those I had removed where no longer available. Just like the Contacts.

Today however, it looks like this.

Which now seems fine.

There has been a number of IIS server restarts, app pool recycles etc since the installation so I'm sort of at a loss to explain it but I guess it might be related to something like that still. It feels like what would happen if a jscript wasn't working as intended trying to find unavailable data or execute old code.

Clock7 mths