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Wake on Lan improvements

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it would be nice if the Wake on Lan (WoL) feature of the android version of RDM is improved with the following feature:

1) Possibility to define a different broadcast IP address for each session (RDP, VNC, etc.) like in the desktop version of RDM;
2) Possibility to use an address/hostname/dynamic-dns instead of an IP address and resolve it to get the IP;
3) Possibility to send multiple consecutive packet instead of a single one (this would be nice also on the desktop versione).



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Thank you for your feedback.

1) We will add it to our todo list
2) We are already resolving the host name. Unfortunately, Android does not always handle the resolving very well.
This is why we suggest adding the domain information to your hostname. For example, you can use machine1.domainname instead of machine1.
This should improve the resolving.
3) The packet is already sent 3 times (Android and Windows).

Best Regards,

Nicolas Dufour


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