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Wayk Now not starting on remote PC

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Remote PC is runing Wayk Now (installed using 32 bit .msi installer file).

After re-starting the remote system I cannot connect using Wayk Now.

I am getting a strange message asking for a username and password that I am not aware off.

I have to start Wayk Now manually on the remote system, for connection to work succesfully.

Wayk Now service is running all the time....

Is is necessary to run Way Now as a start-up program (in Windows 7) or running the service is enough?

Clock7 mths


When you say you cannot connect, do you mean that you still get the prompt for the username and password? This prompt has a dropdown to select which authentication method to use from those currently available. The username + password authentication method is Secure Remote Delegation (SRD) which is meant for unattended access, and requires the client to be licensed. Here is more information about it.

The other authentication modes only become available if the Wayk Now program is running inside a user session. This includes the password (with no user) shown in the Wayk Now main window. This password is really meant for attended access, when someone is currently logged in to the system and has the Wayk Now program running. However, you can always choose to start Wayk Now automatically by enabling the "Automatically launch program on user logon" option from the General options, and it should work for you.

Best regards,

Marc-André Moreau


Clock7 mths