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Remote PC not responding

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I can connect to the remote PC, and I can use the mouse.

From time to time, after opening a new window in the remote PC, the mouse buttons are not longer operative.

I can see the screen , I can move to mouse, but clicking on a button doesn't seem to produce any result.

If I open a TeamViewer session to the same remote PC, I can work normally.

In other words, it is not a problem of the remote PC freezing.

Closing the sesion and opening it again, does not solve the problem.
Re-booting the remote PC, fixes the problem.

Clock4 mths


The problem is related to video driver. When one of this pop-up windows grays the screen, overlaping on everything else, WaykNow does not "see" this window. Phisical console and TeamViewer see the overlaping window...

Clock4 mths


To solve this issue, please install Wayk Now using the .msi installer instead of using the stand-alone executable. The .msi installer will install a system service that properly supports cases like the UAC prompt.

Best regards,

Marc-André Moreau


Clock4 mths


Your suggestion fixed the problem.

Clock4 mths