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Good Morning Devolutions,

For some time now we beta test a two factor solution that enables or disables accounts in AD called keyhub. And since by using it, two factor is not required for certain user groups. That's why I'd like to see an option to disable 2FA for certain AD groups or in RDMS: Roles. We've looked at the setting "optional per user", but that means people can disable it, and by doing so having neither of the two factor solutions.
For us this wil be completely obsolete by the time we take keyhub in production, since 2FA in RDMS wil be disabled. but I recon allot can benefit from this and be more flexibel with integrating 2FA in domains.

Thanks in advance for your reply.


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I moved your thread into the Password Server feature request section.
This request has been added to our ToDo list, but I cannot provide any timeline for it's delivery.

Best regards,

Jeff Dagenais


Clock5 mths