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Remote Support for IOS/Android

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Please could you investigate way to offer remote support to IOS/Android Tablet user base? I know currently viewer is supported on these platforms but we need way of viewing or controlling these devices for our user base.

If this is could be just view only, perhaps with ability to highlight areas on the active screen?

Clock5 mths

Hi Andrew,

Connecting *to* mobile platforms (Android, iOS) is not currently on our roadmap, but we do understand the appeal of such a feature. However, you mention the need for controlling and maybe highlighting areas of the screen, which should be even harder to implement than the ability to view the screen of the mobile device.

Do you know of other software currently implementing the feature in the way you'd like to use it? Last time I checked, it still wasn't possible to remote control a mobile device without root access.

Also, if you had to choose between Android and iOS, which one would it be?

Best regards,

Marc-André Moreau


Clock5 mths

Hi Marc-Andre

Yes i am aware of quite few that offer this functionality specifically IOS side, as this our main focus. I don't believe you need root access from what iv seen you have allow your app to have "screen mirroring" rights. I will email you some links of ones i am aware of directly.

I would say were more interested in controlling IOS for us all our tablets are all Apple but our mobiles are androids these are less likely to need remote support.



Clock5 mths