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Password protect the settings

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Presently in the Wayk Now options, there is the ability to lock the settings. Can this be password protected? Even better if it could require the Devolutions credentials.

Clock8 mths

Hi Martin

The options cannot currently be "locked" per se. Currently, if you have the unattended service installed, the Options window needs to update the service's configuration file. This is held in %PROGRAMDATA% (as opposed to %APPDATA% for the client / user configuration) and as such, normally requires us to elevate privileges before we can update the file.

Clicking the padlock should open a UAC prompt, and grants access to update that file for as long as the Options window remains open. Note that you cannot "lock" the settings again.

We are aware of a desire for more advanced configuration management. You can check for some further discussion on that. If you have further suggestions or feedback, don't hesitate to post it back here.

Thanks and kind regards,

Richard Markievicz


Clock8 mths

Thank you Richard.

Clock8 mths