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Possible to deploy WaykDen with credentials and registration

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Is it possible to deploy Wayk Now (I use SCCM) with the relevant credentials and register the PC so that it shows up on the Wayk Now Dashboard? Or must this be done manually with each install?

Clock8 mths

Hi Martin

It's not possible currently. The authorization process is based on OAuth and requires going through the UI / web browser manually.

I will raise this internally and find out if there is scope for automating the process - either by changes in the app or some external process (perhaps a custom script).

Thanks for your patience,

Richard Markievicz


Clock8 mths

Thank you.

Clock7 mths

Any news on this?

To be a true Enterprise application as you probably want to be, you need to sort out some kind of method to auto-enroll clients.

These days we don't get our hands on the machines, as they are deployed either with SCCM or Intune.

Clock5 mths

Hi Martin,

We don't have a way to auto-enroll clients at this point, but this is something we could discuss for Wayk Den Enterprise ( I personally have no experience with SCCM or Intune, so I have a few questions to better understand how the auto-enroll feature could look like.

Let's say you have your own Wayk Den Enterprise deployment on, and that you wish to auto-enroll clients to it. On what machines would you deploy Wayk Now, and what kind of access do you have on them? Are they all domain-joined machines, and can you already control all of them through SCCM or Intune?

Since you mentioned auto-enrollment, I assume we are talking methods that require no human action on the machine being enrolled. Would a PowerShell script work in this case? If so, is it through remote powershell, or through an automated execution of a script made available through a shared drive?

We have recently begun automating a few Wayk Now tasks through a PowerShell cmdlet ( We are currently working on making configuration possible with the cmdlet, as an improvement over the "wayk-now config" command-line interface.

One thing I want to clarify: when talking of enrollment, I take it we mean registering the machine, not automating the client user login. These are already two separate things, the machine being registered separately from the user, similar to the way a machine is joined to a domain. This is the registration that is shown in the Wayk Dashboard.

Last but not least, auto-enrollment still requires some form of authentication, otherwise anybody would be free to add unauthorized machines to a given Wayk Den. I'm thinking that a special enrollment API key could be generated in Wayk Den to be used in a PowerShell script. This API key would be limited to enrollment rights only, therefore limiting potential misuse. A script could be run to check the current enrollment state, and automatically enroll the machine to the Wayk Den.

Please let me know what you think, please fill in the voids if I have missed anything.

Best regards,

Marc-André Moreau


Clock5 mths

Hi Marc-André,

I don't know if we are talking about the same kind of scenarios, but I'll try to explain what I'm after.

I support multiple customers (MSP-like scenario). Some want to trigger the tool on their computer on an ad-hoc basis whenever they want support, giving me their ID number over the phone as they call in. But a lot of them also want the tool installed on their computer, always waiting for my connection, either completely unattended, or with a prompt when I try to connect with accept/deny-possibility from their end.

To make the installation of the tool on the end-user machines easier and hopefully unattended, my wishlist would be:

  • One-file installation (exe with parameters)
  • Automatic registration of the computer into my Wayk Den (cloud or private, preferably cloud-based as we do not like on-prem servers anymore) with ID etc depending on the parameters I give the installation. (API key, pre-set password etc)
  • Possibility to change configuration of the installed tool from a central console (ie changing branding etc)
  • push updates to computers when new versions arrive and they are tested and approved

What usually happens now is that when a customer buys a new computer, it is sent directly to them from warehouse, and as everything is controlled by Intune/Windows Autopilot for MDM and provisioning all they have to do is logging in with their Office365/AzureAD account and all software and other configuration is installed. However, when it comes to remote support tools, we have tried a bunch and none work as we would like. The only one even close to our demands is Teamviewer, and we think it is expensive. A good product, yes, but very expensive.

If you need more information, or need someone to test ideas, let me know. I am an early adopter of most things, and also work closely with many customers willing to be guinnea pigs for new technology.

Best regards,

Clock4 mths

Hi Martin,

Thank you for the insight. I can't say we have everything on your wish list, but some of them are partially implemented at this point. Let me cover them one by one with comments.

1. One-file installation (exe with parameters)

Our .msi installer supports standard parameters for a silent installation. As for configuration parameters, a script can call "wayk-now config" post-installation to set them ( We are currently implementing the equivalent of the "wayk-now config" command-line interface in a PowerShell cmdlet (

2. Automatic registration of the computer into my Wayk Den

This part is not done yet, but my previous answer already covers this aspect. You mention a preference for a cloud-based solution instead of on-premises, but you also mention "cloud or private". Did you mean that a private deployment on your own cloud is acceptable, or that a fully managed cloud deployment (not your own cloud) is preferable?

3. Possibility to change configuration of the installed tool from a central console (ie changing branding etc)

Aside from the command-line interface exposed to automate the configuration process, we don't offer centralized configuration management, but this is something we would like to do. Centralized configuration management would be done with the Wayk Den, pushing configurations to registered Wayk Now installations. This could also include white-label branding packages, which are supported but not easily distributed yet:

4. push updates to computers when new versions arrive and they are tested and approved

Wayk Now currently always does a version check by default when it is launched, but this behaviour can be disabled if necessary ( The current Wayk Now cmdlet can be used to automate the installation and update process ( It's just a start, I would like to streamline the process of installing and updating Wayk Now at scale because this is something we've been asked a lot.

Best regards,

Marc-André Moreau


Clock4 mths