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Web Login: Shows Multiple suggestions instead of only the correct one.

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When we use the "Web Login" for a internal website.
If shows us al the passwords for "ouddomain.local" instead of only the password from which the URL is present in the entry.
It would be nice if it shows the best match on top, and the additional credentials in a list below the top match.

Kind regards,

Hans Vos

Clock27 days

Hi Hans,

The reason why you have multiple suggestions is because the matching is compared with the base domain.

Let’s say for example you have two entries, one with the url “https://sitea.ouddomain.local” and the other one with the url “https://siteb.ouddomain.local”.

When you will navigate to “https://sitea.ouddomain.local”, you will also get https://siteb.ouddomain.local” because both sites have “ouddomain.local” as their base domain.

We have in our roadmap to be able to choose the matching detection for the URLs in a website entry in DPS.

This way you will be able to set for the url https://siteb.ouddomain.local to match only when the host (in this case: siteb.ouddomain.local) is matching the URL.

Best regards,

Olivier Désalliers


Clock27 days